Bryant Technologies, Inc. (BTI)
offers a wide spectrum of
e-business solutions

  • Fixed Price Project Planning
  • Fixed Price Software Development
  • Consulting Services including
  • Custom Software Development
  • System Analysis, Design & Implementation
  • Online Database development
  • Application Development and Outsourcing
  • Website Design & Positioning
  • Performance Enhancement

Fixed Price Project Planning

Both strategic and tactical, fixed price project planning is the foundation of BTI’s development philosophy. Project planning is the single most important aspect of any fixed price software development project, simply because it gives both the customer and BTI the ability to visualize the final outcome of the effort. It also ensures the delivery of the technology solutions fit with philosophy, management style and needs of the customer.

At the start of a typical project planning effort, BTI Project Managers work closely with the customer to determine the expectations of the final product, as well as assess the customer’s current IT investments. The end result is a detailed document that outlines the methods and processes the BTI development team will use throughout the software development cycle. This project plan allows both BTI Project Managers and the customer to maintain control over the software development and ensures that delivery will be on time and, perhaps more importantly, on budget.

Fixed Price Software Development

BTI provides fixed price, full life cycle software development services to its customers. Our focus is on managing all aspects of the software development life cycle in order to:

  • Ensure the customer’s business goals are met
  • Confirm that the system design is consistent with the goals under the constraints of the project guidelines
  • Provide the post-implementation support necessary to ensure the system implementation is successful

BTI performs all or any individual aspects of the project life cycle as needed to help our customers successfully complete a development effort.

In addition to developing new information systems, a significant percentage of BTI projects, involve reengineering, downsizing, and revitalizing existing mainframe-based systems.

Consulting Services 

BTI provides technology consulting designed to meet an organization’s specific project goals, as well as fit into its corporate philosophy and culture. Specific consulting services include:

  • Augmenting existing project staff with specialized technology expertise
  • Designing and advising enterprise-wide and application-specific technology architecture

BTI will reduce your company’s development turnover cycle by providing, short or long term dedicated consultants with expertise in the following areas:

  • System Analysis & Design
  • Implementation
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Online Database development
  • Website Design & Positioning

BTI is committed to delivering sensible technology solutions that fit our customers’ needs and can be implemented effectively within our customers’ organizations. BTI has continually stressed quality, cost-effective software development that meets our customer’s goals using the most efficient technology available for that project.

BTI recognizes software is a people-oriented business. We can only be successful by attracting and keeping quality staff. We believe this means providing BTI employees with career enhancement opportunities by continually updating the technology we use in development. We train our staff on this new technology and offer them the opportunity to work on interesting projects so they can continue to grow with the company.