Today’s hiring managers are faced with challenges from many different sources. The majority of these challenges involve meeting the expectations of corporate or project stakeholders. These stakeholders expect consistent organizational growth and timely project deliverables, regardless of the current economic landscape.

Hiring managers want to rapidly fill empty seats with qualified people to continue the successful growth of their business unit or complete their project within its scheduled timeline.

BTI is available to assist the hiring mangers find the right consultants and ensure they will avoid constant turnover that can plague project-based work and lead to expensive, inadequate results.

BTI is available to help you resolved these important project issues.

Our company has a proven record of satisfying the challenges of project-based work by augmenting existing project staff with specialized technology experts. Since BTI is also an application development company, we have superior in-house technical knowledge and expertise. This separates us from traditional recruiting agencies that merely collect and forward volumes of candidate resumes to the customer’s manager. We ensure that your managers’ valuable time is not spent on reviewing the backgrounds of consultants who don’t fit their project requirements. We have a rigorous screening process conducted by senior technical members of our team. We put a significant amount of time and effort into this process, so your managers will not need to. Therefore, your development turnover is reduced, saving you time and money.

BTI focus areas include

Systems Analysis & Design
Implementation Planning & Execution
Performance Enhancement
Online Database Development
Website Design & Positioning
Automation Design & Development
Legacy Database Migration
Quality Control
Help Desk Support