Application development today requires three forms : a) desktop applications development, b) application development for the web and c) mobile applications development.

Desktop applications development require specific knowledge of major platforms like Microsoft Windows and .Net, Linux and Apple. We specialize on Microsoft Windows and Linux.

The World Wide Web application development has become one of the most important fields. Web programming is really demanding when it comes to technologies like, PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQUERY, Adobe Flash along with high requirements for database management/programming knowledge like mySQL, MS SQL and more. Internet data exchange technologies are also required like JSON, PERL, XML, Web Services and more.

A professional with proven knowledge of either programming design, web application development or both will be the one to fit our preferred profile.

Senior Applications Developer

Required Qualifications : programmer/analyst (P/A) experience. Experience with established technologies, experience with emerging technologies as defmed by each project.

  • Experience with developing client server and/or web-based applications
  • Demonstrated strong analytical skills to cope with requirement analysis and gap analysis
  • Experience in analysis and design of systems as well as system architecture
  • Knowledge of relational database development or administration
  • Knowledge of a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Ability to document analysis and design and participate in peer reviews
  • Knowledge of structured or object-oriented programming
  • Knowledge of entry-level networking and internet protocols

Senior Web Designer

Required Qualifications : experience building highly efficient, dynamic, data driven, scalable browser based User Interfaces (VIs) and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) within the Flash environment and proficiency in using one or more web-development technologies.

• Demonstrated experience in web design/development techniques
• Proficient in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and table-less site markup
• Knowledge of object-oriented development languages
• Experience with developing accessible applications/components
• Knowledge of mainstream design applications for vector graphics and photo editing
• Knowledge of up-to-date design trends for fonts, colors